SNAP! 2023

SNAP! 2023 This is the second stanza in a poem for the city. Stored safely in a solander box are five 13.3″ x 20″ photographs. Each printed on archival Canson Rag, and mounted on a 13.3″ x 20″ aluminium panel. Also in the box are a pair of cloth gloves for handling the prints and […]

Object Permanence

Object Permanence around the corner behind a polein a pile of leavesamong some busheswithin a crowdunder the carburied in blanketsafter nightfalldown a wellin another citybelow groundwhen I close my eyeson the moonblindfoldedface down in mudbelow stairsat another timethrough some treesin the closetamong treetopsunder a bedafter the raptureobscured by cloudsbehind a curtainduring the blackoutbeyond a horizonin […]

Wandering Summer 2022

Wandering Summer 2022 I carry my camera everywhere I go. I hope someday they make an ultralight version that I can trade my behemoth in for, but I need really big files, so I carry this monster around still. These are my favourite images from Summer 2022 (June-August). The period when I re-discovered reading, realised […]

Book Villa

Book Villa Every weekend when I was young, my brother and I took a bus to visit my grandmother. We did the trip together for a year, and then he had other things to do and I started going alone. Walking from our house to the bus stop on Lakeshore Road in Burlington took twenty […]


Unnatural This vacant lot is one of my favourite natural places in the city. You can see how it looked fifteen years ago on Google Maps Streetview. At that time, this wilderness was an unused parking lot with two small structures on it. There was a shack used as an office, and a maintenance garage. Back in 2007, […]


Instagram I wrote this four days ago.  June 9th. I take my camera everywhere I go, every morning. During the last few weeks, I’ve taken pictures, but nothing that makes me happy.  I wrote this little poem about the best photograph I didn’t take. I’ve decided to get rid of all my social media accounts. […]

Wandering Spring 2022

Wandering Winter 2022 The following are favourites from an ongoing series called Wandering. This particular batch is from the first four months of 2022.  I walk about 15-20 km daily, and cart my camera with me everywhere I go. I tell everyone the 140,000 weekly steps are about exercise, but they’re really about talking pictures. It’s […]