I’ve spent a lot of time in and on the subway.  These are outtakes from various shows that featured New York, Toronto and Montreal systems. I love them all. Or should I say I loved them all. COVID has turned me into a walking person.

The term tunnelling refers to the physicality of these spaces, but it also points to the weird burrowing I’ve been doing into my own psyche over the past two years, wandering down corridors of introspection on twenty kilometre a day walks. My inner voice is strong. It keeps me company, and although it never shuts up, I can’t imagine not having it. 

Maybe that’s why my photographs don’t ever have people in them. I mean, they could have people in them. I could have just taken all these photographs with a tripod, and a very long exposure. People could have walked through the frames invisible to the camera. That’s not what happened, but it could have. 

I think the truth is that they’re so full of that strange inner voice that there’s no room for other people.

I’ve always thought of my photographs as very personal, and am constantly suprised that somebody else can like something like that of mine.