The Clock

The following was an original sketchbook entry for The Clock written prior to execution in 2010.

Rework The Task but instead of six pallets of cinder block use 1 pallet of blocks in a square space that has some access for filming from directly above. Place the pallet of block in the in the north center quadrant which will represent 12 o’clock. Move the pallet 12 times over the 12 hour period so that the finished pallets end up in positions representing the hours of a clock every hour. This task is completed when the pallet is returned to it’s original position at 12 o’clock, 12 hours later. Film the whole thing onto a computer hard drive with the camera suspended directly above the centre of the circular clock face and for the entire 12 hours. Use larger block than Nuit Blanche to manage the hour between hours. Do this on an actual stage and the audience can sit and observe like the most boring play in the world. Lighting and music included, it would be very cool if there was a trap door I could use as the escape route to washroom and eating. Maybe in the center of the stage? Only requires 1 full pallet of bricks and an extra pallet to act as the transfer pallet. Find a theatre that doesn’t have anything going on for Nuit Blanche. Maybe ask the Nuit Folks. The more elaborate the venue the better. By selling the video piece as a wall clock as a large edition, make the cost of those pieces simply the cost of the drive required to hold/run the film.

I executed a version of this for the 2011 Hamilton Supercrawl. It was weird being in the thick of things, and I would have preferred to be arthritis free, but all in all I think the people enjoyed either discussing the piece or razzing me about it. I think the curatorial staff was pleased as well. Even stranger is that co-workers from my new day job were walking around the event in Hamilton. Getting a glimpse of my “other” job.