Wandering Summer 2022

I carry my camera everywhere I go. I hope someday they make an ultralight version that I can trade my behemoth in for, but I need really big files, so I carry this monster around still.

These are my favourite images from Summer 2022 (June-August). The period when I re-discovered reading, realised I look forward to retirement, started to feel my age a bit when walking, thought about the art world and my place in it, left Instagram, stopped using my Fitbit, took a vacation, got a new computer, started writing again, and figured out a new series of work that I can explore.

The reading is a big deal. I’m now on course to hunt down as many Gerald Murnane books that I can find. He references “the detail that winks at you” in the most recent book of essays. I think that’s my artists statement in a nutshell. He borrowed this idea form Proust, but whoever coined the phrase, it’s bang on. I continually look for the detail that winks. Maybe I’ll have to give Proust another go. For now I read two recent books from Murnane; Border Districts and Last Letter to a Reader, and have three more in line on my bookshelf including “Collected Short Fiction“, “Tamarisk Row” and “A Million Windows.”