Outside is an ongoing series that explores abandoned, vacant, fallow, resting or transitional interior locations. All of the images in Outside have been taken through glass windows or doors. At no time has the artist set foot inside the spaces depicted. Like the work in the Wandering series and the bulk of Shepherd’s work, the subjects were discovered by exploring on foot.

This work is a constant inspiration for Shepherd. These tableaus in this series can be found in any city, town or street and every location tells it’s own story.  There’s a simplicity in the subject matter and the execution of these photographs. The artist shoots with a rag or cloth to clean the windows  and a camera.

For each shot the camera is set so that the aperture, ISO and shutter speeds can be very low because the camera lens rests directly on the glass of the window and the window glass acts to stabilize the camera as a tripod would in other situations. A cloth is draped over the lens barrel and portions of the window itself to help reduce any reflection that might occur.

Although devoid of human interaction or figures there’s something definitely voyeuristic in this series. There’s also a silent narrative for each image.  The photographs in Outside are quiet and empty and echo of other work in the Wandering or Subway series. Each scenario could easily depict an end of days document where the photographer is the only living person left on the planet.