The signs are all around us. Never explicitly pointing, never overtly positive or negative. It’s not all doom and destruction or love and laughter, because nothing is ever that simple.

Harbingers speak, and those interested interpret. Visions don’t care whether we crave them or cower in fear from them. Portents aren’t reserved exclusively for seers and they don’t always get delivered to those who can read them. 

And who really wants to know the unknowable future anyway?

To foretell what might happen requires reflection on the past and an understanding of the present. As a result, the future predicted will be a mirror of our yesterdays and todays. It’s all very confusing.

Prophecies are there for us to read and use, or to pass by and ignore.

The choice is ours.


Sept 12, 2020 Opening

Sept 9 – 222020 Run

Bau-Xi Photo

350 Dundas West

Installation Shots.