Wandering Spring 2022

Wandering Winter 2022 The following are favourites from an ongoing series called Wandering. This particular batch is from the first four months of 2022.  I walk

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Tunnelling I’ve spent a lot of time in and on the subway.  These are outtakes from various shows that featured New York, Toronto and Montreal

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Lillian Massey

Lillian Massey Building I’ve been obsessed with this place for the better part of fifteen years. This structure was originally built between 1908-1912, as the

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Repetition Repetition, or more specifically, revisiting, is a big part of how I process the world. Most of the things I photograph are a result

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Most of my winter walking was to the lake. The 13km return journey, kept me active, and gave me time to think. I was constantly

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Vacancy I showed images from this ongoing series back in 2008 in the members space of Gallery 44, Toronto. At that time, I called the

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