Wandering Spring 2022

Wandering Winter 2022 The following are favourites from an ongoing series called Wandering. This particular batch is from the first four months of 2022.  I walk about 15-20 km daily, and cart my camera with me everywhere I go. I tell everyone the 140,000 weekly steps are about exercise, but they’re really about talking pictures. It’s […]


Tunnelling I’ve spent a lot of time in and on the subway.  These are outtakes from various shows that featured New York, Toronto and Montreal systems. I love them all. Or should I say I loved them all. COVID has turned me into a walking person. The term tunnelling refers to the physicality of these […]

Lillian Massey

Lillian Massey Building I’ve been obsessed with this place for the better part of fifteen years. This structure was originally built between 1908-1912, as the home of the Household Sciences Program attached to the University of Toronto. That program was started by Lillian Massey Tremble. Currently several departments of U of T have offices in […]


Repetition Repetition, or more specifically, revisiting, is a big part of how I process the world. Most of the things I photograph are a result of multiple visits to the same place.  This revisiting can take place over days, weeks, months, years or even decades. I’ll see something while traveling—by bus, bike, car or most […]


Most of my winter walking was to the lake. The 13km return journey, kept me active, and gave me time to think. I was constantly surprised at the ever-changing colour, look and mood of the water. Some days it would be a sheet of frozen glass, and on others, an undulating mass of shards. The […]


Vacancy I showed images from this ongoing series back in 2008 in the members space of Gallery 44, Toronto. At that time, I called the show Outside. This referenced me being outside of the interior spaces when I shot them. All this work is taken through windows or doors looking into the spaces pictured. Initially […]

Leaning / Laying

Leaning / Laying I’m drawn to things left leaning or piled. Often this is on construction sites, but I’ve found things inside vacant building or on the curbside. In hindsight this work is diectly tied to The Task which was performed in 2010. It also hints at future performance work, where the action could involve […]

This Line

This Line The first large images I ever printed were of water and sky. The horizon. That was about twenty years ago.  I’ve been shooting any place where water meets sky for about two decades. I never grow tired of it. I’ve shot the ocean, smaller northern lakes, all five Great Lakes, rivers, ponds and […]

The Black and Whiteness

The Black and Whiteness My work is in colour. That’s how I think and how the world looks to me, so that’s what I shoot. I don’t dislike black and white photography, and some people do it very well, but it’s not for me.  That said, I do often seek out places and things that […]

Lake Effect

Lake Effect COVID has left an indelible mark on everyone’s life. We’ve been fortunate. My partner and I have stayed healthy and we’ve been able to keep our jobs while working from home, so we’ve maintained our middle class income. There’s been some anxiety, but we’ve had ample food and shelter. We haven’t been marked […]