Incomplete Architectures 

November 23rd, 2018

December 1st -15th, 2018
Bau-Xi Photo
350 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Directly across the street from the main Art Gallery of Ontario entrance/exit.
I’ll be hanging around on December 1st and 15th from about 2:00-5:30 p.m. or can arrange to meet you by appointment at the gallery.
For more info contact; or

Incomplete Architectures 

One is continually encountering construction when walking, cycling, or driving in the city. It seems like new projects are always underway, and the bigger the place, the more prolific the process. Demolition and rebuilding are part of a perpetual cycle that plays out on every street; construction is the life blood of the city, the respiration of urbanity.

This boundless development is intrinsic to city life; it blends into the day to day and becomes almost invisible. Hundreds of building sites are planted in our subconscious, where they live quietly like the autonomic functions of the body. Like the vital acts of breathing, or the beating of our hearts, construction is an essential part of the life cycle of a city.

Incomplete Architectures uses materials, process, building and development to study ideas of change and impermanence, and the effect they have on us.  It attempts to arrest the endless activity of the city and capture small moments of stillness, sandwiched between the immediate past and the near future. These moments are stunningly beautiful and remarkably affecting in their simplicity. They are traces of what has occurred, and what will be.


August 15th, 2017 Toronto

The new website went live today. A few simple things about;

1. About – News will be updated and reflect anything relatively “newsworthy” that has happened to or is associated with the artist. This will include news of the soon to happen or news of the recent past. Nothing in here will be conceptual or idea driven. There will be no “Fake News” and little-to-no opinion.

2. AboutBio, CV and Contact pages should be relatively straight forward and up to date at all times. This includes the picture of the artist that was taken in about June of 2017. Note the significant cat scratch between the eyes. That has since healed and luckily it did not leave a scar.

3. Work – This section Is all the things the artist has printed, made or performed. There is nothing here that was not exhibited or produced and sold in some way. Well, that’s not 100% accurate. All the work you see here has been produced, not all of it has sold.

4. Sketchbook – This will become the theoretical, conceptual or WIP portion of the site. Here the artist plans on keeping a virtual sketchbook of ideas so you can follow along with their life and get a frightening glimpse into the workings of a neurotic artist’s mind. This might contain opinion, commentary or even swearing. Please don’t be offended. The plan is to weed out this section of the site frequently and only keep entries for ideas that might actually make it to execution some day. It  may contain pie-in-the-sky thoughts, but that’s the fun of it.