Wordplay is an appropriation of street art. It’s about fonts, text, language, semiotics, symbol and communication.

In large white letters—four to six feet tall—paint the exposed sides of buildings or walls with text. I could either solicit approval from business and building owners or even petition the city for locations to execute. The city route would take years, the building owner route makes sense.

The idea would be to explore different ideas through font. It’s sort of a play on graphic design, but I think it relates more to other text based work, semiotics and philosophy. That’s not to suggest these are completely serious works. I hope there’s a chance that many people could decode these simple messages and that some of the work would elicit thought in a straightforward manner.

The trick will be to utilize language and symbol and not just revert to the cheap parlour tricks

Helvetica in Arial or Arial in Helvetica

White, Grey, Black

English in French, French in English


DISTANCE in both perspective and aerial perspective done in sky blue


- uppercase, LOWERCASE


Sans Serif in Serif

Serif in Sans Serif

Semaphore in Semaphore

GRAFFITI  in some lettering the city uses

VERTIGO from above looking down the letters

pruh-nouns (Pronounce)

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