White Pictures

White Pictures is exactly that. Photographs of white objects. I keep imagining these on a white background and then maybe overexposed in processing. These would be printed large and the subjects would be very pedestrian, very commonplace.

There are two objects that have stuck in my head; the white little table that comes in take-out pizza packaging to keep the roof of the box from screwing up the cheesy goodness, and a set of old school 1960s style white metal extendable curtain rods.  Today I was thinking that maybe white Styrofoam take-out food containers could work as well. Thinking about it further, there are tons of other things that would work and are typically white like;  a ream of paper or crumpled up paper, cotton balls, t-shirt, underwear, string or thread, salt, flour, milk, bowls and plates, bar of soap, etc. I could even try –miracle of all miracles–using a different lens. I very, very rarely take the 16-35 off my camera, however I’m thinking I could do some macro stuff out of focus for this series.

As for the exhibition I’d like to cover the floor in white material, use white floating frames and mount the work on Stonehenge gator-board that will be white.

I’m not quite sure what this about but the thought of having these pictures of things you can barely see hung in a room that’s blindingly white would be cool.

I think these are indirectly about Tom Friedman. I’ve always liked his work, but only ever seen it in a book. In the Taschen book about him it explains that one of his very early pieces –for art school I think– involved painting his studio all white and removing perspective and depth in an actual space. I’m probably mangeling the description of his work. I looked at that book about 20 years ago, although in hindsight it has a lot to do with what I’m interested in now.


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