Vacancies is an ongoing series shot through the glass of windows or doors. Taking shots in this way interests me.

I can get access to a space without permission. I can just walk up—and if the location is vacant—shoot through the glass. Normally it takes a simple wipe of the cloth to give me a relatively clear view.

I also think this innocent voyeuristic approach relates to a more sinister and historic aspect of photography. There’s an aspect of espionage in this process. I’m interested in the historic role of the camera as a window to secrets. I also find these interior spaces please me in a way I can’t really explain.

There’s also an aspect of constraint to this series. Although the glass acts like a tripod and I’m able to shoot in low light situations quite readily, the same glass also acts as a limiter and restricts the angle of view to straight on.. There’s also a series limit to the compositional frame now that I’ve started using a 50mm lens rather than my tired and true 16-35mm.

Shooting through glass is also a little bit of me giving the finger the to the rules. A basic tenant of the über photography nerd is to shoot through as little glass as possible. The lens to some is sacred and to put a filter—let alone shoot through dirty glass—is sacrilegious.

These particular vacancies where in Yorkville. The circular window is the window of the now vacant Ingram Gallery on Avenue Road just north of Cumberland. After years in this location they moved to Hazelton Avenue along side a few other galleries that have been there for decades. There are two computer printed signs in the window directing customers to their new location.

IMG_6294 Further North along Avenue Road there’s an other vacancy on the east side of the street. I think this may have been a salon or some sort of design store. I never went in it when it was active, but now that it’s for rent I find it interesting. IMG_6303 IMG_6307
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