The Tree

The Tree images were taken several months apart. The first image was taken during the summer of 2012, the second in October of the same year and the third one in early February 2013.I think about this tree every day. I like it.

It’s secluded but steadfast.  A big part of the attraction for me is that the evergreen hasn’t changed whatsoever over the two or three months between these images but the landscape has moved from summer through the beginnings of autumn and now we’re fully entrenched in winter. The OCD part of me wants to keep shooting this tree every few months for the rest of my life. It’s pretty easy for me to get to, but I doubt it’s a destination point for anyone else with the possible exception of the tow truck drivers who sit waiting for DVP accidents to happen.

This sort of thing has been done a lot. Shooting the same scene at different times. This particular project however could move more in the direction of performance. I’d like to do several things that involve the tree. I like the idea of walking around it in either the fresh snow, or just in the summer to wear a path in the grass. Maybe some time I could drape the tree in material, or decorate the tree for Christmas. I can also shoot the image at night with some sort of portable light source. There’s an inexhaustible amount  I can do while keeping the frame of the image the same.

The series would be about time and steadfastness. The tree doesn’t change, nor even appear to age over the course of years.

I worry though that I’ll become more attached to the tree and if anything does happen to it there will be some trauma.

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2 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. I want to guess the time of day these were taken based on the light.
    #1 – 7 am
    #2 – 7 pm
    #3 – 2 pm

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