Sick Kids

Wandered over to Sick Kids today to visit a bored but very awesome little ten year old. On the way I took these two images on what turned out to be a very grey day.

Scaffolding and tarps on the new town houses being built very close to us, and a fairly old building on the south west corner of University and College.IMG_44512

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Canada Day

Canada Day Monday July 1st. I ventured out this morning to shoot and came back with some surprises. These are surprising to myself, maybe not to you.

The first three are taken in vacant lot along the Dundas West Rail Path. At one time this was going to become a large film studio but the plan is now to develop into residential space.  I’ve passed by this on my bike about 100 times in the past year. At one time the lot was well fenced and had on hand security as they demolished buildings. The whole complex use to be an automobile parts plant. The only structure standing is historic.

What are there now in place of the buildings are grey piles of silt. Interwoven into these piles is a tarp like material that flaps in the breeze. I think the tarps drew me to the place as well as the greyness. Today was particularly quiet, there’s easy access now through several gaps in the fence, and there’s no security. The sound of these tarps blowing in the breeze is super-interesting. I filmed it as well just to remember for some future reference.

The following photos are part of the Colour Theory concept. Friends came over yesterday to visit and left us the remains of a lemon tart. When I cleaned up this morning I washed the cardboard plate that the tart sat on and found myself sticking it in my camera bag, These are images of that plate. I think I’ll figure out some way to support the plate in the air with a wand of some sort that I can then photoshop that support out of the frame. Either that or I’ll leave it in. I’m just not liking the hand so much. I do like the glitter reflective gold plate though.

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Coloured Tarps

Coloured Tarps was originally conceived as a winter project.

The coloured tarps I’m talking about are typically blue however I’ve seen black, green, silver, white and orange in use at different times around the city. Lately I discovered you can get them in a few other colours like red and yellow and that I can have them custom made out of different materials. I’d like to get six or seven tarps that cover a spectrum of secondary colours.

The genesis of the idea was to wrap myself up cocoon like in these tarps and to take self-portraits while laying swaddled on the ground, sitting on a rock or in some other such pose. I’d use a remote control with the camera on a tripods or some other support. This might be hard to do without help. Managing the camera in the snow could be tricky as well. The optimal situation would be a new snow some day in a local park, super early in the morning before anyone’s disturbed the snow cover. I think I could shoot looking down from a bridge or some other such structure, but again, I think I need help to do this. Wrapping myself up even would be hard, let alone executing everything else. The camera could be attached to a long pole that could then be hoisted in the air to get a vantage point which would reduce any distortion in the perspective.

Simpler than this would be to shoot 10 ft square tarps stretched over an area of snow or supported in the air to flap in the breeze in a snow field. The resultant image could be obtained by simply creating something in illustrator or Photoshop, but that’s not the point. I see a room with 7 or 8 large square photographs that are taken of coloured tarps on fields of fresh snow from above somehow without shadow. The same could be done with circular tarps.

The closest images on the web to describe what I’m attempting are for camping. These are typically protective set ups. You can see the clean lines of these structures and although these images are taken in typical camping situations, I think you can see what I’m trying to accomplish. These actually describe a derivative of the Coloured Tarp project that I’m now stoked on as well. I can create Photoshop like holes in landscape spaces using various tarp structures.  Again, this image depicts a complex physical manipulation of the visual space to create scenarios that could easily be accomplished in Photoshop.

Each corner of the tarp could be controlled by fishing line, so the snow doesn’t get disturbed. It could also be attached by white string to a white structure of poles and hoisted in the air. Images could be taken of the formalist square or even circular tarps. A derivative of this would be to support the coloured tarps from their upper corners and let them wave in the breeze like flags. The images could be taken either, intentionally out of focus or at slow shutter speeds to blur the final images. I could also do inanimate shapes. I could find existing man-made object/structures and cover them with the coloured tarps. This could create abstract, painterly like compositions. Playing with photography and sculpture to create a homage to minimalist, formalist painting.

This is a further exploration of the painting thing. Humorous in way.  The idea of re-enacted scenarios via awkward and complicated logistics to create simple compositions that the viewer could mistake for paintings rather than photographs . It also has the obvious association with Christo’s work, but I think this is more about photography rather than sculpture.

This could be done anywhere and at anytime of day or night, in any season. The square or round tarps will look very cool wherever I can stretch them to their uniform shapes, let them flap in the breeze, shoot up at them against a white or blue sky, shoot them suspended above the surface of a lake, against a field of snow, against a wall of greenery, etc. The more I think about this the more limitless this project could be. Exciting.


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