I can’t stop thinking about storage/shipping containers since being back from Vancouver. I want to create a scale replica of one in a very nice wood. I guess it would classify maybe as a carving, or maybe I’d construct it using more of a cabinetry/joinery approach.

I’d like to make one to photograph and I’d like to photograph the real things as well.

Although t would be extremely challenging I imagine I could make one out of sheet metal using a bender and soldering techniques.

Back again after taking the dog out for a walk. That’s always quality time to think. It’s a beautiful fall day and I started wondering why I want to do this Storage project. There are a lot of things I’ve seen that have made this shape/thing resonate. There are the images that Robert Polidori took of container yards that I saw in New Yorker magazine years ago and the sculptural work of Kim Adams I’ve been in love with recently where he employs different containers to make his contemporary sculptures. There’s also the fact that these Intermodal Storage Containers are so ubiquitous in North America. We’re a consumer society and so much is transported in these containers that they’re everywhere. There’s a whole school of designers creating ways to convert these containers into livable spaces. There are shops popping up that use these as the basis for their stores. Then there’s also a weird connection to the year that The television show The Wire was set in a container yard. I also simply like the dimensions, simplicity and stackable utilitarian nature of these things… and the colours.

Also while out walking the dog I remembered grade eight shop class when we worked with galvanized metal and created a tin box via a folding machine. I’d like to get one of those folding machines now and create cool sculptures in sheet metal. Maybe I could replicate an Intermodal Container.

I think it’s a bit over the top but if I had unlimited space and budget –not to mention the time– I’d buy one of these. The learning curve would be pretty steep, as would the time involved to actually reproduce one of these shipping containers as meticulously as I imagine I want to.

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