June 2014

June 2014 marked the first time I’ve walked to my Eglington and Don Valley Parkway area office. The 15km took me about 3 hours at a leisurely pace. I often ride my bike and it takes about 50 minutes. For some reason though I’ve grown tired of riding. It’s just not fun. The roads are in brutal condition and I’ve begun to feel more and more like it’s just another way to get to work rather than being an enjoyable way to get to work.

I’ve always wanted to walk but never thought it would be possible for some weird reason. One morning three weeks ago I just woke up and decided to do it. I took my camera bag and work stuff with me and set out about 7:00 a.m. it was great. I loved it. Walk2I only took one photograph that I like on the first journey. It’s a shot of the hoarding that covers up what I think might be another Roots store on Bloor between Avenue and Bay Street.IMG_1735I loved that first walk so much that I made the journey again last week taking a different route. Now I’m thinking I’ll walk–to or from work–at least once a week. I think I can see myself doing this year round.Walk1 I was amazed at how easy it was. Sure I was tired and a bit sore, but it really was pretty straightforward. I’ve been thinking why I like it so much and it’s definitely a combination of the physical challenge, the slowed down and leisurely pace, the ability to really see what’s around me and the time it allows me think. It’s super peaceful.

Walking is also an extension of my art practice. At one point I would have said that practice was about photography but now I would say it’s more about the actual walking. It’s the journey that empowers me to think and to see things. My latest photography exhibitions have been titled “Wandering” and although these walking trips are planned from one location to another I’d say that word still fits.

On the second trip I found a few thing that I think I like. Part of the point of this blog is to simply post things, live with them, and decide what I feel has value then dump the rejected stuff. For now these two images are in my good books. We’ll see how long that lasts.IMG_1750 IMG_1751This really has been a month for me to try and break free of the daily routine I’ve become so accustom to. Partly because I’m bored, but also to see if I can shake of this artistic void I seem to be wallowing in.

We just got back from a one night trip to Prince Edward County. Being by the water was nice. Being in a place that’s not the city was also very nice, and one night was perfect. I missed my life back here in nutter land and was glad to get back. I’d definitely return for the same sort of trip soon I think. It might be better with a bunch of friends. The pace is pretty low key with nothing much to do in the evenings. The shot below is from the beach by our bed & breakfast in Wellington.IMG_1789-2We ended up eating some great food and drinking some great wine. We should also be pretty much stocked for the next 5 or 6 months of drinking. The County Cider Company was our first stop and they had excellent food and deliciously dry cider. We sat and looked out across their vineyard and the lake on a beautiful day while we ate crazy salads.

Hinterland was very cool, and will be amazing once they’ve got their kitchen up and running. It’s nothing to see really, but it has a very down to earth and simple aesthetic that we liked. It’s not trying to be a vineyard, it is a vineyard. We bought a case of our favourite bubbly stuffs there. Decadent.

The Norm Hardie place waswinderful. Their pizza was incredible, the staff was laid back and attentive, and there was a wickedly friendly dog there. We bought a case of wine and I got the following photograph that I really, really like from the second floor tasting room looking out over the fermenting floor.IMG_1805-2Hopefully July will be a more productive month for me. I might see if we can plan a trip back to Prince Edward County so I can do a planned art performance/photography thing. It involves a vacant field a day’s worth of walking in circles, then a day of photography. I think I might contact Norm Hardie and see if he has a patch of land I could use. I’ll also be venturing back into the subway over the July Long weekend. Keep happy and stay tuned.


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