October Construct

Parking is an idea I’ve been working for a month or so. I’ve debated with myself if it fits into the idea for my October Bau-Xi Photo show. It’s still about manipulating photographs, but it’s just not a physical manipulation. I’m pleased with it regardless, and I’ll print and include it.

The original images for this piece were taken in the parking lot for an industrial complex in our neighbourhood. We’ve gone to a bunch of contemporary art exhibitions there and I’ve photographed aspects of the place several times over the last 15 years. Each of the squares in this image was a shot of the parking lot. In particular one specific square of the parking lot that had and interesting arrangements of lines, and that had been overpainted. I just shot it at different angles on different days.

The simplicity of this piece for me is it’s relationship to found art. Those lines you see are all in this place, and will be there until the parking lot gets painted again. They exist everyday as a mundane patchwork of colour on a bland off-black background but I found them fascinating. I can also go back and visit them and they’ll still be there for a while.

Taking these photographs and placing them in a grid became a simple exercise in personal aesthetics, and a weird desire for mathematical order under the guise of random placement.

0M6A0794Parking_48x48_FinalHuronWaves_Final_48x480M6A1326AFTER SUNSET, LAKE HURON
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Parking will start with a call out to friends and family for small scale cars. I may have to buy some as well. Maybe I can get a bulk deal and give them away after.  I’ll accumulate as many as I can gather. I think this wil be relatively easy if I can approach friends with kids. The intention is that no cars will be hurt in the execution of this piece.

I’ll formally receive the cars. This will involve cataloguing and colour coding each to mark who’s collection it comes from. I’ll create a fairly simple excel spreadsheet. The list itself might become a piece*. Hopefully I get a mx of old and new. Scratched and broken as well as shiny and immaculate.  I’ll make it clear that I’m not interested in those annoying “super cars” that Matel use to produce for their Hot Wheels brand.

The cars will be placed within elaborate sets that I’ll make to replicate different parking scenarios. Rock Festival, Shopping Mall. Abandoned in Woods, Stuck in Flood Waters, Crushed in Earthquake, Covered in the Ash from a Fire, Off the Assembly Line, In an Underground Car Park, etc. For each scenario I’ll take a large format photograph.

*A strange obsessive variation would be to go to an actual parking lot and catalogue real cars into a spreadsheet.

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