June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015 So I thought I’d better start to move on the painting thing. I threatened several times in posts and mentioned to a few people that I’d be trying it.

I have two wood surfaces ready. I bought 30 x 30 wooden, pre-made panels and I’ve primed these with several layers of gesso. I’ve sanded both and I think I have the surface ready to work. They’re nice just as they are and I find them a good subject for photographs. I’m probably just afraid of them so I think about photographing them.

Here’s one, face down on my work table with a black paper backdrop in the background. IMG_5251I also took a photograph today at my day job office. The picture below is rotated 90 degrees. The black area on the right is carpet, the darker beige beside that is the front of a drywall curb, the lighter beige the top of that “curb”. The area on the right is wall. The area you can’t see between the top of the curb and the wall contains a fluorescent light fixture. I like this composition as an easy start. I bet it will be far from easy.IMG_5225Now I just have to buy my paint, and learn how to use it. I have several rolls of Home Depot masking tape for house painting. I also have some instructions from the Golden Acrylic website.

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