The neighbourhood to me is pretty huge. The word alone suggest in the vicinity and to me that means walking distance. In the city I would consider that within 15 km of my home. Most of these photographs however were taken in the last few weeks in the Roncesvalles and Dundas West areas.

The empty salon below speaks of a time when we didn’t worry about area codes. I think that takes it back to at least 20 years ago. Someone is in the process of renovating this space. No doubt they’ll leave the old sign up which is becoming a new tradition in retail that I like. They’ve already resurfaced part of the facade with faux-slate bricks that might be very unfashionable in about 5 years. I took this photo because I loved the empty window space, the confluence of linear planes and the reflection that didn’t include me in the surface of the glass. The pipes that run from sidewalk to wall in the bottom right hand corner of the frame are another draw.IMG_0872

Not close to our house–but still neighbourhood in my mind–is the King and Spadina area. I still like to go into MEC every now and again and I’m frequently at TIW or Soma or something around there. This place is on the south west corner of King and Peter and I’ve shot it through the windows for about 10 years. Someday it will be a condo I guess.

I like how the light plays with the floor, the simple emptiness of the place and the feeling and geometric delineation I get when resting my camera lens against the windows to shoot. Shooting through the window controls what the composition will be to a large extent. I’d like to set up a 24 hour video installation in what appears to be a four TV bank along the right hand side of the frame in the second image.IMG_0899 IMG_0900

Below is the entrance to a Roncesvalle lawers office. It seems standard practice to make lawyers offices dark and uninviting. It’s in a strip of places that include several furriers, a real estate office, restaurant, yoga studio, art gallery (that’s never open) and the sad, sad facade of Hugh’s Room.

It soooo brown and contains a ton of building materials and elements I find hideous and because of that I’m drawn to it. I’m like a moth to flame or a like a Rob Ford supporter to idiocy. The brilliant sunlight worked well too.IMG_0953

Further down Roncesvalles the storefront landscape is changing and I can’t see how this laundromat  in the next picture will survive when a restaurant can pay twice as much rent. I remember the days of washing my clothes in such a place… and I’m thankful I no longer have to do that. I’m spoiled.

The mural has been there as long as I can remember and it’s sort of cute in a outsider art way. Although as I sit here and think about t I can’t believe that places like these and vending machines are still relatively commonplace. Or more correctly, I can’t believe they still all rely on coin operated technology. How long will that last? The crop on this made me happy. I think it breaks a shitload of rules, but I hate those old school cropping rules. They’re almost as annoying as old guys who think Fine Art Photography is shooting naked women in Black & White. IMG_0959

Further south on Roncesvalle was this vacant storefront. Again I was taken with the mirror and how it didn’t show me because of the window angles. The mixture of florescent light and daylight its weirdly appealing too.IMG_0966I got my new camera bag in the mail Friday from…Australia!. After cleaning the house today I set the new bag up to carry my SLR and a lens. It’s a backpack which I’m hoping is more conducive to comfortably walking around for hours. The one shoulder thing has been bugging me for years. I think I’ll try it out tomorrow when I walk down to Queen and Bathurst. I’m so exciting.


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Sketching is rough work. Now that the weather has turned I’m making a concerted effort to get out and wander again. It helps to post and look at things for a while on the site before I decide if they’re their crap or if they have potential.

The goal now is to continue this so I’m getting out every day.

After thinking about it for about a month and passing by it about 20 times I went back to shoot Postal Station E Dovercourt and Bloor. The draw is a combination of the flat aluminum framework, the old school 60s modern aesthetic, the porous warmth of the concrete, the tarp obscuring the interior, the reflection of Dovercourt in the glass and that I use to collect stamp. It may seem strange but these 2 pics are loaded images to me in so many ways. I also just like how they look for some reason. I cropped and processed this today on the 20th of April and shot it about a week ago. The earlier image down at the bottom of the post was done about three weeks ago. It’s crazy how the angle and framing is the same. I really do have a weird way of repeating things almost perfectly.

This weekend was definitely spring like. It’s the 7th today and I managed a few shots I like. Nothing too out of my wheelhouse here but some shots that might have some staying power.


The following were taken last weekend the 29th of March.

Wallace Emerson Community Centre – Taken through one of the widows in the gymnasium complex which is the north building. The paper cut outs caught the light of spring nicely. I also like the awkward positioning of the coat rack and interior widows. You can see a slight reflection in the bottom left hand corner created by the exterior widow I rest the camera lens on to take the photograph.

Grand Touring Automobiles on Dupont Outbuilding – Situated between the car dealership and the Faema building at the corner of Dupont and Christie is a beautiful old school building. I’m not sure what it was before the dealership was there, but it looks turn of the century. It looks like the dealership now uses it for special events. It’s empty inside except for a desk and some advertising posters for the cars. This is a view form outside through an east window looking across through the interior space with the dealership proper shown outside the window. A painting of a Bentley on the floor captures the artificial light from the ceiling above nicely. I like this image, but I am extremely indifferent to cars. They are definitely useful sometimes to get from point A to point B, but other than that I find them to embody a lot of what’s wrong with the world. Particularly; pollution, war for oil; arrogance, superiority and other extremely embarrassing aspects of masculinity.

Postal Station E Dovercourt and Bloor – Now Closed. Can the postage stamp be that far off from following in the steps of the penny? I can’t remember the last time I posted a letter or retrieved an important one from the mailbox. The Canadian Postal Service can’t survive for much longer can they?



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