Common/Uncommon is new sculpture. I thought the current object I was making was the endgame, but it appears this and others are only steps in a process in determining a larger body of work.

I present the “Pineapple”. That’s not its real name but it sort of resembles a pineapple. A blue pineapple.

0M6A3274This is, a 10 foot square blue tarp cut into 5 inch squares which are then drilled in the center and pierced with a 12″ galvanized common nail. There may be more nonsensical work in a series of similar objects. I can see different colour tarps being employed in different cut out shapes to make a trio of similar objects. Hopefully this weekend I can find an orange tarp at least. I looked a while back and found a myriad of different shades.

I’m wondering what the most common colour is for a construction site tarp. It must be blue or orange. Those seem ubiquitous. I’ve just checked Home Depot and Rona and both have a very limited supply. They seem to be all about the blue tarp. But Rona does has a camouflage one. I guess that’s for the hunter/end of world enthusiast. OK< looks like I have to break my boycott of Crappy Tire and shop there. They have reasonably inexpensive orange, silver, white and dusty brown shades.

The next step however in Common/Uncommon-came to be me in the middle of the night–will be to sculpt a house painting brush out of three colours of house painting masking tape.



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Sunday Painter February 23rd, 2014

Sunday Painter is a term I’ve always liked. I just looked it up and the Oxford definition is really quite disparaging. I prefer to think of a Sunday Painter as anyone who works away diligently at an artistic endeavour but has an occupation that takes up most of their waking hours that is not related to their practice. In my definition a Sunday Painter isn’t necessarily an amateur, crappy at what they do, or who produces uninteresting work.

I’m thinking about creative things and how they relate to my practice every day of the week but often never produce anything. Photography is one aspect of my practice and perhaps the most tangible. The rest of the time I’m conceptualizing, observing and dreaming away about things I’d like to produce and may actual produce when I’m retired and don’t have to spend 50 hours a week at work. A lot of that stuff is photo-based.

Don’t get me wrong, I consider myself  a “serious” artist now.  but retirement will work perfectly into my plans. I dream about the new full time job I’ll have when I’m sixty-or-so and in the meantime I’m doing the groundwork by observing the world in a different way and building a catalogue of things of execute when time permits. Experience is a good tool. I’m also just not prepared to disrupt two people’s lives at the ripe ole age of 50 for something I love but that might be financially unwise : )

Today I walked around the neighbourhood for a few hours. It’s been pretty cold and miserable for the last few months so this hasn’t been that practical.  It’s the first in a series of perpetual Sunday walk-abouts that I’m excited about executing.IMG_0819

This photograph above was taken in the parking lot of the new condominium that’s going in on Dundas West between Annette and Keele. Years ago this vacant lot had a building on it that housed McBride Cycles, a relatively large and well shopped Motorcycle store. For the past few years it’s been home to the Junction Flea Market, or as we like to call it the Hipster Flea Market. Now it’s waiting to be converted into a modest condo building that will be far too expensive. The metal umbrella is a left over from the Hipster Flea Market. There’s also a bunch of derelict storage containers still there that were used by the Hipsters to display their goods. Several of these have folding chairs in them and look to be used by vagrants as a place to socialize. I’m pretty sure there will be more photo ops in this parking lot over the next few months.IMG_0864

This is the side wall of a storage mart on Keele just North of Dundas West. It’s got to be on one of the dirtiest and most depressing stretches of roadway in the city. Keele is a real shit show above Dundas West and perhaps the most pedestrian unfriendly walk I can imagine. It tends to be full of stuff I want to take pictures of.

This Sunday Painting Day I was also planning on purchasing a fifty pound box of 3″ ardox spiral nails. For some reason I’ve been obsessing about an exhibition based around the ardox nail for about  two years. The problem is i t might have to wait for next Sunday because we lent our car out and I don’t think it’s such a practical idea to be walking a 50 pound box of nails around.


1. Sculpture/Photograph – Pile of 1000s of nails on the floor on a black square of wood or material. Maybe highly polished wood gloss. taken on white and black backdrops

2. Photograph – Triptych of a nail macro shot across three frames

3. Sculpture – 18 karat Golden nail hammered into wood

4. Sculpture – Nail hammered into a flat object like a penny on a railroad track

5. Painting -that depicts the hole that a nail makes when hammered into a material. White with black hole

6. Sculpture/Photograph – Pile of nails that have been individually bent into a circle

7. Painting – A nail chasing it’s own tail like the dragon infinity symbol

8. Drawing – nail in black charcoal on white hard pressed watercolour paper.


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