Street Art

The first thought was about basketball nets. I saw an advert on the sides of several Rocesvalles shops that depicted a person playing basketball.

Create hyper realist paintings or maybe stickers. Maybe actual photographs done to scale of things from learning; basketball backboards, water fountains, doorways, fire alarms, clocks, bell, blackboards, etc. print these out to size and then apply in odd locations, altering the reality of the world via illusion.

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Art Work

Since the execution of The Task I’ve dreamed up a bunch of other similar performances based around labour and construction. These are all variations on the theme;

1. Hole – dig a hole and then fill it in over a 12 hour period. I see it as a pretty large hole. one that I may end up having to get in and out of with a ladder. The other thing I just realized is I’m thinking of a grave shape. during the process I’d endeavor to control the formation of e walls so they were very uniform.

2. Pyramid – see if it’s possible to make a pyramidal dirt form while emptying a hole. the hole itself should be shaped like the inverse of the pyramid.that will end up the same shape. To execute maybe start with a square short walled sand box type base and pile the dirt but shape it as I go with a bricklayers trowel.

3. Cone – same as above but a more radically sloped shape than what would be creayed by gravity. I envision the final, product as being more topiary in nature.

4. Gravel Cone – get a gravel slinger truck to drop a load of p gravel but have them slowly dump it to form as close to a true conical shape that gravity will form as possible. Move that cone of gravel to a location about 20 feet away by hand with a shovel and a large step ladder. the possibility also exists to use a wheel barrow and set up a scaffold to facilitate dropping the gravel from a point above the cone as it increases in size via that wheelbarrow. This could be a site specific work that unfolded over the period of a week or two.

5. Snow – shovel an entire football field by hand.


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