Rope began at work. One morning last week the window cleaners were working on our building. It’s a fourteen story place and they clean the windows quite regularly. They don’t use a scaffold or platform, they simply repel down the side of the place of with buckets and squeegees. It’s quite disconcerting when they show up behind you when your working away at your desk inside.

After parking my bike I walked by a pile of their ropes. I walked back again and found myself sort of mesmerized by he way they had so haphazardly fallen into a pile. I’m not quite sure why. I took some photographs with my phone.

I thought about those ropes all week. I’ve been fascinated with ropes for climbing and for sailing for a long time. I think it’s just something about the feeling of good rope in your hands. It’s also how they relate to fabric arts. There’s also a neat memory of a project that a friend worked on over twenty years ago — one in which they where hand weaving rope and then taking that rope and making into a blanket like piece, at least that’s how I remember it.

This weekend I went to MEC and bought a fairly expensive length of static climbing rope. I got 20 meters of the stuff. It even felt good to buy it. I think I have a lot of experimenting to do.

I’ve started by simply hanging or piling the rope and I like where it’s going.


I’ll keep going like this. I imagine in the next week or so I’ll start to suspend the rope, tie it in knots or include other elements with it. I’ll also try to take it out of the studio and see if I can do some interesting things or placements of the rope that might actually lead to a bit of a narrative.

Stay tuned.


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