While I was taking these two shots at Yonge north of Davenport I met an old Japanese Canadian. I think I enjoyed talking to him for about 30 minutes–as much as he liked talking to me. We chatted about New York, Vancouver, Toronto, cameras, Japanese, and steaks. His friends are all dead, and although he might just have been telling me a story, he has no family in the city. He was born in Vancouver. I think he said he was 88. All his family has gone back to Japan. He smiled and laughed as he told me he was depressed. Maybe I’ll have to go back looking for him someday.IMG_2971The conversation made me think of Wayson Choy. He’s a Canadian of Chinese descent. I read The Jade Peony in the late 90s and it’s stuck with me. It deal with Vancouver and growing up as a child of Chinese immigrants, and touches on how Canada and Chinese Canadians treated the Japanese in Vancouver during the second world war. Maybe it’s time to read it again.

These two shots are in the windows of a closed building that may have been a furniture store. They looked distinctly out of place. They’re in display windows but they don’t look like display items. I had the feeling they had been there for years. IMG_2969

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