Found Sculpture

Found Sculpture in the case below references the work of James Carl. I had a great t-shirt of a t-shirt that James Carl did and that my loverly wife bought from Art Metropole for me. I really like his work. I think I’ll have to get another of those t-shirts. I also want to get some of these generic white cups and lids. They have this awesome James Carl sculptural quality that I find very attractive. I can imagine playing around with them my white paper backdrop, making one-off minimalist photographic sculpture.

I think of these electrical panel constructions as found sculpture too. They’re simply the coolest collage of wires, conduit, metal boxes and wires. It would be good to get some of these materials as well as the cups and construct elaborate and absurd versions of these modular masterpieces.

There’s already a sculptor who utilizes ductwork, and there’s also the work of Jimmy Limit that comes to mind. He shows at Clint Roenisch. If I worried about my work being like someone else’s I would have never produced anything so who cares.

Sculpture is a definite draw for future work. I also like the idea of found materials and of taking photographs to preserve a record of the sculpture. Living with actual sculptures is not the easiest thing to do. I like how photography translates the sculptural into an idea of the sculptural.

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