Power Plant

Today I walked from home to the Power Plant taking pictures with the new camera. A nice two hour walk on a beautiful day. I was meeting Jill to see the current exhibition there which was incredible. Ulla von Brandenburg and Franz Erhard Walther are two German artists who’s work comfortably sits together in the same building. I wasn’t familiar with either artist, and now I look forward to researching and becoming more familiar with both their practices. Both multi-disciplinary artists working with colour, language, textiles, film and performance. Well worth the trip down to Queen’s Quay and running until the 5th of September.

Maybe I’m getting older or maybe the large institutions are getting better, but whatever the reason I feel I’ve seen a lot of good things lately. Stephen Andrews, Hurvin AndersonVilhelm Hammershøi were all standouts at the AGO. Similarly I really enjoyed Joy Walker at MKG127 and the current photography exhibition Counterpoints: Photography Through the Lens of Toronto Collections at The Art Museum at U of T is stupendous. It runs until the end of July so if you haven’t seen that you really should go.

On my walk I reshot an image I liked form a few weeks back. I just wanted to capture it more accurately and to do so I simply had to lower my point of view and decrease the depth of field. The original shot is slightly annoying to me. I think I’ve improved upon it here.IMG_0273Shortly after this reshoot I made my way down Lansdowne and just north of Queen spotted this bicycle rack. It’s super abstract and I liked the curving organic jumble of metal that appears to have no rhyme or reason. I can’t say I’m a fan of these type of bike racks but they’re definitely better than nothing.

IMG_0271Around the same part of Lansdowne is a fire station which looked like ti was getting the driveway redone. My guess is that it’s concrete newly poured and protected with these tarps to stop people from carving their initials in it, or maybe simply to protect the surface in case of rain while it dried.


I also managed a nice photograph of Jill watching the Ulla Van Brandenburg film—It Has a Golden Red Sun and an Elderly Green Moon—at the Power Plant.


Oh yeah, and the clouds in Toronto have been really amazing lately.

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