Performance is just an idea that’s been in my head for a few years that I thought I’d write down.

I’d like to set up a studio in a large empty storefront. Optimally this space would have as much window/glass space as possible. Inside the window a large screen would be set up, and the window would be covered with cinema/theatrical curtains. I see these as opening side to side rather than up and down. This window would be set up in such a way that the curtain obscured the “set” 100% and when the curtain opened it looked like a standard commercial theatre screen

In front of the storefront a small set of standard high school football field bleachers would be set up or built. These should mimic the surface area of the window, so that if one was standing in the window the entire bleacher would be visible.

The exterior space with the bleachers would be covered in black tenting or would have a square architectural enclosure built around it and should be light fast. Entry to the bleacher area would be monitored and controlled through a single doorway or curtain on one side and a single door or curtain on the other side should serve as an exit.

People line-up for a short period outside the entrance.

Outside the entrance and inside the bleacher space are small camera’s that record the waiting, entrance and subsequent waiting of the audience. Maybe five minutes in line and five minutes in the bleachers. This ten minutes is filmed via various camera angles.

The footage is then computer edited by a written program in a very short space of time.

The curtains open and the audience is shown the film of them waiting, entering, and waiting.

The end.

January 30th

After more thought it would be interesting to real time T.V. edit the different camera angles and “shots” This might make the piece somewhat more complicated. I keep thinking about multiple cameras located throughout the set. These could be in the ceiling, back walls, and on the surface area of the window itself.

This piece could also involve some subtle performances by planted “members” of the audience. A person wearing headphones that are way too loud, someone who smells strongly of cedar wood, people in drag, someone smoking, a non-celebrity with a celebrity like entourage, etc. Each performance could utilize one or two of these “motivators” to get the audience to react. Some performances would have nothing.

While writing the above additions I can imagined that each performance could have a visible celebrity or celebrity look-alike to be in each audience.



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Create an elaborate light-proof set. Populate it with sighted people and get them to perform tasks in that darkness. Every now and then shoot with the flash, the light willgive them glimpses of what they are doing and allow them to organize but also capture each subjects relief for a brief glimpse of the sighted world.

A variation or an adjunct to tis concept is to set up portrait lighting on a given subject. Turn out all light and allow the subject and photographer to acclimatize to complete darkness and then shoot a photograph that focuses on their dilated pupils. In a way this would result in the temporarily blind taking a picture of a temporarily blind subject.

Film the whole thing as well and use the combination of both for the exhibition.

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