Pictures of Pictures

Pictures of Pictures is a concept that’s probably done by many people in many different ways. It’s like playing broken telephone with a camera.

I took a picture of a camera with my phone. I then waited for it to upload to my tablet via the cloud and took a picture of that picture on the tablet with the original phone I took the original picture with. I then repeated the process sixteen times. This gallery shows the deterioration of the image over the process of that “copying”.

There’s an artist I like who did a series of recordings post 9/11 called the Disintegration Loops. This work by William Basinski is haunting and beautiful.

At some point I’d like to try this with analog, but right now that would be a very painstaking process. I can also see this involving other mediums in another iteration.

To me this exercise is an illustrative reminder of the possibility of having multiple ways to create photographic images for future use. Maybe I’ll get smarter and figure out a cool way to employ this process but right now it speaks to me of limits, repetition, perpetual motion, infinity, and some incomprehensible stuff I haven’t figured out. It’s the dragon eating it’s own tail.

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