July 7, 2015

July 7 2015. Jill sent me an article and photo of Donald Judd’s New York City home at 101 Spring Street. We’ve looked at it before and I remember being mesmerized. I admire his work and the other artist I associate with him, Dan Flavin. I think they have had a huge impact on what I do. Dan Flavin’s fluorescent light work in particular. He was doing that work when I was just entering the world.

This made me think of a piece I could do if I had the patience. Based on sound instead of light. Very simple. I could set up speakers and motion detectors in a room. When a person enters they would hear footfalls and maybe whispering but these sounds would always be moving away from them, triggered and controlled by the motion sensors. These voices and footfalls could move across the floor or up into the ceiling and behind walls. Basically create  ghosts with sound engineering. They could even talk about the work itself or directly discuss the piece itself.

Donald Judd might have be a jerk for all I know, but I’d have liked to meet him.

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