Folding is a spinoff from Crumple. I’d like to continue this work but to do a combination of angular, structured folds and other more random, organic folding. I do think this could go somewhere there. At the very least it feels good to explore.

I’ve organized a whack of 12″ square and smaller 2:3 ratio prints to experiment with. I’m also very keen to execute something I’ve been thinking about for the last two days. These two prints are 12″ x 12″ prints from the Wandering Vancouver show.¬†

I’ll venture out today and get some sky shots, which I hope to process next week. I then have a weird desire to take these sky images and make folded airplanes out of them. I was also thinking of taking a dark/black picture of the surface of some body of water and make a swan in origami out of it.

I’ve thought more about the folded Paper Planes. I’ve taken sky shots this morning. These are very. very, simple. There are no clouds, just an expansive blue with some aerial perspective happening. I’ll figure out how to make 7 different ¬†Paper Planes by folding, and based on those plans print 7 different sky shots this week. When I get those back I’ll fold each “sky photograph” into it’s planed Paper Plane and photograph the resultant Plane again on either a white, black or combination of backgrounds. I’ll then print those photographs.

In the end I’ll end up with a photograph of a physically manipulated photograph.

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