Aug 12, 2015

Aug 12, 2015 I rode my bike to work. Slow and leisurely is the new me. Why rush to get anywhere? I stopped in at the Adult Learning Centre. It’s a location that has featured in earlier work. In my Learning series taken at public schools in the greater Toronto area I had a few shots. I have yet to be inside the building although I’d like to. It’s vintage 1962, one year prior to my birth. I’d love to get inside but they refused my request.

This is a gymnasium window at the rear of the building. I get the feeling it slides open. I like the faux stained glass and it’s 60s feel.

This place it on the Danforth, on the east end of the Bloor Viaduct which is apparently called the Prince Edward Viaduct. Who knew?


The image below is on the front lawn of a Legion building at Pape and O’connor. I think they call this area of the city Sunnyside. This is the first of three identical crosses that stretch across the front lawn and spell out “Lest We Forget”. I think a lot of people will get that from this single image but on it’s own, the message is slightly ambiguous and slightly mysterious.

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