Aug 9, 2015

Aug 9, 2015 These images are more about studies and how I’m thinking than actual aesthetics of my typical photographs. They’re shadow studies. Full sunlight and almost no sunlight.

The generic coffee bag is also a bit of riff on a previous post with another found piece of trash. This one more exemplifies our neighbourhood though. This is no ordinary coffee bag. There are a few places around town that sell beans in these plain, brown, kraft paper bags. Ideal and Cherry Bomb are two that come to mind. I didn’t flip this sucker over, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was from Cherry Bomb and the logo and date stamps are on the reverse. It was close to a friend’s house and I’m pretty sure they get their beans from Cherry Bomb. Friday was also recycling day and this is probably an escapee from that pickup. Regardless, I love the super hard, defined line of the shadow and the way it contrasts the rather ragged paper bag.

IMG_6040 Just up the street from where the coffee bag was discovered the West Toronto Rail Path passes over Dupont Avenue. When I walk to the Junction I need to pass under this bridge. I always feel enveloped in a depressing swath of darkness accented by the roar of car engines. The little bit of light making it’s way through between the Rail Path bridge and the Pearson/Go overpass is nice though. Out of the darkness comes light.IMG_6108 (1)
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I was thinking about beauty or the idea of beauty on the weekend and about the statement that I’m interested in stuff that other people are not that interested in. In one sense this is a crock. Other people do like the same things but they are┬ádefinitely a small contingency of the whole population. In a way the statement is wrong. The more accurate wording would be that I find things that are pedestrian, or banal to be interesting and most would find these boring not beautiful. I have a different aesthetic.

Lately I think about about beauty, time and perception in ways that are slightly annoying. I lose intrest in movies, books, and music because I find them so homogeneous. They all borrow from the same rule book of aesthetics and narrative. Sure there are exceptions, but those exceptions seem to be few and far between.

That’s not to say I don’t like a good sunset, the majestic mountains, a well written mystery, a really nice sweater or a well designed and attractive coffee table.

1. Buy a cheap white three-piece suit. Set a camera up to film a portion of the Don River in the early morning sun. On one side of the frame will be one shoreline or embankment. Walk into the frame from the left wearing my suit. Without pause slowly enter the water and wade across the Don to the other side and walk off the frame.

2. In the same white suit caress the reachable portion of a well worn and dirty tanker truck.

3. lie down in a newly created dirt hole

4. record the sound of traffic

These are the beginnings of ideas. What I really want to do is plan and execute acts that “experience” the ugly, or what some people feel would be ugly sensations. This is in direct relation to the photographs I take. You could say at some point I’m trying to make people realize that beauty is relative.

Maybe each of these acts is done as a diptych of film, photography, or sound collage. Take an image of someone caressing satin or silk or other material in a fabric store and juxtapose this with the sensory exploration of rusted steel surfaces or the like.

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