Aug 9, 2015

Aug 9, 2015 These images are more about studies and how I’m thinking than actual aesthetics of my typical photographs. They’re shadow studies. Full sunlight and almost no sunlight.

The generic coffee bag is also a bit of riff on a previous post with another found piece of trash. This one more exemplifies our neighbourhood though. This is no ordinary coffee bag. There are a few places around town that sell beans in these plain, brown, kraft paper bags. Ideal and Cherry Bomb are two that come to mind. I didn’t flip this sucker over, but I have a sneaking suspicion it was from Cherry Bomb and the logo and date stamps are on the reverse. It was close to a friend’s house and I’m pretty sure they get their beans from Cherry Bomb. Friday was also recycling day and this is probably an escapee from that pickup. Regardless, I love the super hard, defined line of the shadow and the way it contrasts the rather ragged paper bag.

IMG_6040 Just up the street from where the coffee bag was discovered the West Toronto Rail Path passes over Dupont Avenue. When I walk to the Junction I need to pass under this bridge. I always feel enveloped in a depressing swath of darkness accented by the roar of car engines. The little bit of light making it’s way through between the Rail Path bridge and the Pearson/Go overpass is nice though. Out of the darkness comes light.IMG_6108 (1)
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Aug 8, 2015

Aug 8, 2015 Haircut day. How exciting is that? I walked part way to Avenue Road from Edwin along Dupont. Part way because I’m so slow that I had to take a bus for the last few kilometres to be on time for my appointment. Along the way I meandered and took pictures.

My mood is changing. I find myself excited about photography again. Maybe I just needed a period of feeling like I was crap to make me see things with fresh eyes. I’m not complaining, it just feels like a long time since I’ve been excited.

Today I was thinking about my own special Throw Back Saturday. So here’s a very obsolete item, the Yellow Pages. It’s not fir to say 100% obsolete because I’m sure the Yellow Pages are still used by seniors across the country. Once they stop using them though, their dead. I found a copy lying in a small gravel parking lot. It’s actually upside down in this shot, but when I rotated it in Photoshop the whole images gives me the shivers because the perspective is wrong. This weird feeling gives me a new idea for a series of images taken from untraditional vantage points. Nothing too complicated, but I’d like to experiment with the idea.

It’s hard to believe something so ubiquitous like the Yellow Pages will disappear in a few years when five years ago every home and office had a copy It’s the same with many things in my life though; the humble penny, one and two dollar bills, VCRs and CD players, land lines, fax machines, cassette tapes, etcetera. I’m not sentimental by nature but I find it interesting.

IMG_6004 Beside the phone-book-parking-lot is an industrial mall and there was a newly refurbished unit that I could see into. I love the clean white, skylight, cinderblock wall and dangling light bulbs. This is one of the more interesting found interiors I’ve seen in months, and one I almost wouldn’t have shot. I actually passed by it, then went back. I’m doing that a lot lately. I’ll see something and not notice it, then notice it as I walk and think. Backtracking is becoming part of the process.IMG_6007Below is another Thomas Demand inspired scene. These generic cups are so awesomely simple and beautiful. The abbreviated conical shape just makes me smile. This one was discarded in a street planter that contained a tree. Perfect white. IMG_6030
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A dance performance filmed in TTC Subway cars or buses in which the dancers represent commuters personalities action and thought. This could be linear and narrative based…so she might not be super interested.

100 years ago I saw a dance piece on television that featured men in a pub drinking, fighting and getting drunk. I’ve never forgotten it and think of it in relationship to this piece. After some searching I found tan excerpt from that piece called Enter Achilles by DV8.

Poles, seats doorways sound, laptops, coffee, newspapers, sleeping, chatting, makeup, pan handling, entry, exit, dynamic. it could also be broken into acts that are based on different parts of a commuting day; rush hour to work, rush hour home from work, journey to the club, journey home from the club….repeat.

Although conceived as a filmed piece from different angles within the train, this could become a performance piece for Nuit Blanche where the train is parked in lower Bay and the dancers perform in and on the platform amongst the audience. The doors could actually close and the performers could act as if the train was moving. It could also be done in such a way that the audience participates and becomes part of the event.

I could also devise a way for the wall side windows to act as screens on which video is shown to emulate motion and give the illusion that the train is moving when the doors are closed. I could arrange with Nuit and the. It’s to take 6 video cameras on board a train that traveled after hours and film the windows as the train moves from empty station to empty station.

Work with a contemporary composer to write the music that informs the dancers.

To me this seems more like traditional dance than avant guard. Based on Ballet and Tango?

Specific ideas.
- dancers at one pint might all sit and rise in unison representing the ritualistic commonality of the commute
- music could be based upon the tone that signals the doors closing and could be per-recorded to play over te subway car speakers.
- moves that simulate the stop, start, and drastic jolts of a typical subway ride.
- romance could be an internal theme. Either young lovers or actual flirtation.
- the vagrant drunk, the mental patient, the surely traveler, the children, the iPod listener, the computer user, the kindle reader… etc.
- flickering lights
- delayed train
- rush for seats

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