July 12, 2015

July 12, 2015 Sunday. On this scorching day I ventured off to the AGO for a quick visit. There’s a lot of work up I really like. Peter Doig, Elizabeth McIntosh, Frank Stella, Robert Motherwell, Stephen Andrews, Gerhard Richter, Kent Monkman, Francis Bacon, Brian Jungen, Christi Belcourt, and I’m sure I’m missing a few other favourites. It’s nice to go every weekend for a bit and hang out.

Here’s a found image that reminds me of the Thomas Demand series Dailies. This image doesn’t really look like any specific Demand piece, but generic coffee cups always look like constructs to me and remind me of this work. I love this image for the colours and the simplicity. The only drag was that when I shot this image I crouched to get the right angle and was assaulted by the smell of pure urine. Apparently this is a favourite pissing doorway. Such a perfect shot for me, but I can see this being problematic for others. The colour, composition, and naturally occurring sculptural aspects of things like this are magic to me.


Inside the AGO looking up through the central courtyard and out the skylights. In the haze you can see the outline of the central blue structure that holds the 5th floor contemporary galleries.IMG_5673 On Dundas Street West just west of the Go/UP/Via train tracks and before you hit the No Frills at Lansdowne is this weird rental place situated beside a wreckers yard. This is the facade of the building between those two businesses.IMG_5665

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Picasso AGO

Jill and I went to Picasso last night. It was a bit overwhelming and I think there may be too many works. I left feeling more interested in the way the gallery was set up and how people moved through it rather than how great Picasso was. He was certainly prolific and talented, but I don’t have to like him. I’d like to see Guernica some day and I’m glad I went to the AGO show.

I’d much rather look at contemporary art. There will be always be a vibrant art historical past  but I’m just not as interested in it. I’d rather go see something from a living person then glorify some dead –face it– wanker. What’s the real point in that? I was pretty surprised but I felt the same way about the AbEx show and some of those artist I thought were so amazing 20 years ago.

Maybe I just don’t like really famous artists.

Regardless, I found it interesting to stand in the middle of the larger rooms and watch the audience. The sound was pretty cool as well. I actually ended up taping the sound and no one seemed to care. I’m sure it just looked like I was crazy standing in the middle of the room and smiling.

Picasso Crowd

I’d like to film the gallery when it’s just about as busy as it was last night. There was a steady flow of people and the rooms were lively but you could always see the work. It would be great to tape the motion and sound of the audience then remove all the actual art in post. Everyone would be gathered around nothing and talking about it. Some walls would have so much attention for “nothing”. I might approach the gallery and ask them if this is at all possible. Maybe I should do it in a smaller gallery first where I have a hope in hell of getting permission then use that to show the AGO for permission.


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