Summer of Rain

The Summer of Rain has effected my ability to get out and about taking pictures. Typically I love the rain, but I don’t trust what it will do to my camera. In a typical summer I can usually wander around for what ends up being the equivalent of weeks shooting random things. This year however it seems that there’s been an inordinate amount of rain. I should have probably called this entry –The Year of the Flood– in homage to Margaret Atwood.

The following are the few shots from the last few weeks that Ive taken that I’ve liked. I’ve taken more than this but nothing very compelling. These few images below were taken on my way to work and while I was in Montreal for a work trip.

Construction workers on the facade for the new Thorncliffe Public School. I lied this architecture detail that’s simple, to the point and frugal but effective and sort of fun.

At the end of our street diagonally across from The Farmhouse Tavern. This was once a very poorly organized variety store, and the space –now empty– is quite nice. I’d open a coffee shop/gallery if I had any balls.

In Montreal. Above is some weird little detail I liked amongst a lot of scaffolding. I wasn’t intending this to be anything sinister, I just liked the blue white loop of rope. Below is one of the thousands of beautifulĀ buildingsĀ on the edge of Old Montreal getting a bit of a facelift. I could spend a week in Montreal shooting.

Somewhere on Bloor just West of Dundas West. I love the extension cord.


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