I’ve been a little obsessed with an idea. Today in the rain I decided it was a good time to  attempt and execute something. This is where I ended up.

The odd thing is that this is not what I was thinking of doing, but now that I’ve happened upon it I like what it could turn into.

I created an eight inch four-sided cube out of back foamcore. I left two sides uncompleted to capture light within the structure. I set the structure on a sheet of black foamcore and used a black paper backdrop. This is the result. IMG_2916

The original intention was to use embroidery thread and create a webwork of lines within the structure by sewing from one side of the foamcore to the other. I’ll work on that still. These images however make me want to create the same sort of structure out of wood and paint it meticulously–including the edges of the boards–so it’s a uniform shade of black. I could then shoot that all black structure on a newly constructed background of  black foamcore or paper to remove imperfections, and maybe then shoot it underexposed or out of focus to enhance the effect.

I’ll work the same principle with white boards.

Hopefully I’ll achieve something temporal, sculptural, and somewhat illusional.


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