Ahhh the ubiquitous skull. Symbol of otherness and individuality appropriated by Pirates, Damien Hirst, Keith Richards, Misfits, bikers, Hans Holbein, Cyprus Hill, and 100s other proponents of evil.

It’s a sad overused and cliched symbol of the alternative.

Take all these images pilfered from the web and collage them into a big piece that pokes fun of the serious intentions of those who sport them on t-shirts as symbols of outsiderness and show them for what they are… The boring normalcy of marketing.

Maybe I can use the skulls to created lines then execute contour drawings of things like kittens, smily faces, flowers, text or anything that exemplifies the idea if kitsch.

Could also employ wings, German Gothic style text, guns and any other “evil” symbol exploited by a few brandished by many and so far away from most of the mainstream people that do wear these sort of images personality it’s funny. Like the weekend biker that by day is merely a yes man on Wall Street. everyone sees through your disguise.

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