Silent Rock Band

This was a direct offshoot of the Seeing concept. In this proposal I’d like to make something for the hearing impaired community and by researching, learn about that specific demographic and figure out more art to be tailored towards that segment of society.

Take a video of a rock band and removed the actual soundtrack completely, substituting in its place a series of vibrations, air currents, and other feelings or perhaps kinetic sculptures. This would in effect remove the audio, replacing it with visual, or sensory representation.

I picture fans blowing, things swinging, and other non audio mechanics, some of which would utilize vibration to simulate artificially the way that someone who was hearing impaired might experience the actual band if they experienced it.

Is there a way to have a live band perform in a glass sound proof room that I could have hooked up to sensors that could detect the amplitude of the “playing” and translate into visual, other non- aural

Maybe it’s a completely visual representation of the 24 track recording of a song…mike by mike by mike. It would be less like Janet Cardiff’s Forty Voice Motet, and more like a very complicated screen saver or animation.

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