Residencies look like a possible opportunity. I’ll research these in 2013 and propose the works explained below for a single exhibition somewhere in the world. The thought is to call the actual show Labyrinth.

Why not dream big. I’ll apply for Paris and maybe London. They can only say no.

Each of the following would be created in a few weeks time and all are meant to be exhibited together.

Nails – Photography. Take a photograph of an apparently random pile of nails on a white background. The pile will actually be an entire box of ardox 3” nails that has been meticulously sculpted into its the casual “pile” shape. Maybe empty a box of nails, and then create the same structure by hand beside it to create a photographic diptych.

Letter “a” Cutouts – Collage. I’ll purchase a favourite novel in a used bookstore and cut every single letter “a” out of it and affix to a larger piece of art paper with archival glue. Maybe  40 x 50″ Stonehenge, or perhaps on a blank piece of dibond.  This would then be subsequently mounted on a wall.

Perfect Circles – Film. Film me repetitively trying to draw a near perfect circle for 12 hours or until I succeed.

Hole Digging – Sculpture/Photograph. Dig as perfectly formed a square hole as possible. As I shovel out the hole I’ll place the dirt in a pre-constructed form that replicates the dimension of the square hole when finished. This would be constructed in such a way that I could take it apart easily and, if I can somehow form the dirt this will ultimately form a sculpture of the dirt that is taken from the hole. Negative and Positive space.

Paper Folding – Sculpture. Repetitively fold a large piece of paper until it becomes unstable. Continue folding the pieces until it is no longer paper but a mound of scraps of soft fiber.

Record Grooves – Photograph/Sculpture. Rework the groove of an LP with fine jewelers tools and a magnification light so the grooves become a traceable labyrinth. Remove the label. Photograph, blow up and display.

Newspaper Reading – Audio Recording. Read an entire newspaper but across the columns with a ruler so that several narratives mix together but can be followed concurently if the listener concentrates. See how much content can be read in 12 hours.

Wall Line Drawings – Drawing and Photograph.  On one of the walls of the gallery draw a line at comfortable height with a pencil. Then spend the rest of the day adding more lines above and below until the wall is covered. Make them as close together as possible and mimicking the original without touching.

Standing – Happening/Video. Stand for as long as possible in one place. Film. The odd break for the toilet is allowed, but have people hand me food.

Finger Tapping – Audio/Video. Tap my finger for as long as possible.

Human Clock – Audio. Repeat the time from a clock every minute for 12 hours. Create a sensor so that this runs continuously throughout the day but when a patron steps in the room the volume is kicked in and the clock counts the time audibly. When the patron leaves the room the clock shuts up.

Stitch – make a spiral pattern with small sewing stitches. Make it as big as possible over the course of 12 hours.

The Thought Novel – Audio Recording. Recite a story ad lib from scratch that lasts for hours and hours.



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