Make these a series of seemingly simple portraits. They could be of Bill, Lorissa, Danny, Dan, Sarah…or better yet professional actors. Take the pics in the G44 studio using the blasted light effect. Ask each actor to imagine a scene and emote to suit. Creat the drama or narrative in their mind and take the picture as they relate. Crying, flinching, laughing, etc.This will provide the underlying layer for reflections. Shoot 2 more layers. 1 is the reflection of the taller lights on the glass of an empty frame. The 2nd would be the narrative scene mentioned that the actors are imagining. In photoshop this layer would be inverted and overplayed with the others to produce the entire composite image. The no 1 layer could be a film.

Create an empty shadow box. Hang it in an empty gallery. Create narrative scenes within the gallery space and film the reflection of the action in the glass of the empty shadowbox frame.

1.Create my next Bau-Xi show the same way I did learning and play back the created narrative movies over top of the regular images.

2.Show the movies in a series of empty shadow boxes

Create a sense of discomfort in the viewer. When the look at the piece the reflection should seem like action actually happening in the present. Create a sense of paranoia.

Formulated when I looked into Simon Rayner’s office and saw the il divo framed award reflecting his office

2nd thoughts.


Take pictures as if I’m going to simply do another Bau-Xi exhibition. Frame them in shadow boxes like normal but use regular reflective glass. Light the framed pictures in such a way that the room they are in is reflected on the glass. Create tableaus of people, or narrative occurrences in those reflections and reshoot the images or film them now with that “created” reflection in the glass. Print these new pieces with the reflected scene or project the film of these scenes in a framed “screen”.

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