I think the practice of taking average everyday kitchen items and making them into commemorative decoration and objects de art is crazy. I’m talking about plates, spoons, tea towels, tea pots, salt and pepper shakers, etc.

The plan is to make decorative plates, tea towels, and other ephemera– all of which might be considered quintessentially British or American — that would recognize dark periods in those countries colonizing or militaristic pasts. in so doing I hope to point out the ludicrous nature of these objects in and of themselves while calling attention to the inherit blindness of nationalism and the successful silencing of history by the propaganda, government and collective patriotic blindness of society.

Slavery (Africa)
1876 Deccan Plateau Famine (India)
1954 – Mau Mau Revolt (Kenya)
1830 – 50 Tasmanian Genocide
1957 -1959 Bombing of Oman
1960 Evacuation of Diego Garcia

Civil Rights
My Lai (Vietnam Nam)
The Shah of Iran
El Salvador

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