Collect empty pill bottles. In a gallery space attach these to every surface of the room, encapsulating the entire space in pharmaceutical containers. Floor, ceiling, walls. Glue them so the bottom end are on the wall and the top removable white lids are the surface. Different height bottles could be used to make the space undulate, different diameter lids to add variety. I would think that by spreading out the surface erratic the weight of the audience could be supported. If not create a sheet of tempered glass to lay on the floor over that layer of bottles.

It might be possible and practical to create this effect by assembling a patchwork of self contained 2 foot square plywood panels, onto which are secured the pill bottles.

Other thoughts
- the panels could contain any number of different size pill bottles, but it would make the best visual if the were all yellow with white safety caps.
- glue the safety cap end down onto the panels.
- actually collect the pill bottles from pain medication patients over a period of months.
- check into bulk prices for say 5000 bottles via Ali Baba.
- the surface of the wall would undulate depending on the variety of pill bottle lengths

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