Perfection is a little bit about luck, a bit about practice, and a whole lot about things I don’t really completely understand yet. For some reason this feels like a Paul Auster inspired concept that also borrows from previous themes in The Task, my one and only really successful performance piece. The basis for Perfection has stuck with me for several days so I think it has some merit.

Perfection involves filming myself from behind, looking over my shoulder while I work with a simple piece of paper, pencil and eraser. I will endeavor to draw a perfect circle freehand. I can see this taking a long time. I can see it happening more by luck than by practice. I can imagine never being able to do it.

Part of this idea is about the impossible. Nothing is perfect. The goal is really to be able to draw a relatively accurate circle freehand. one that appears to be perfect but that would only be a pretty good try. I will actually consider the task compete when I get to something that’s pretty close to perfect. In the back of my head I’m thinking optimistically. I may be ale to actually teach myself how to draw circles though. If I can I’ll repeat the process with multiple circles. I’ll try and draw 2 perfect circles.

There are several ways I can execute this. At one point I thought I’d try on a single clean, brand new piece of paper, with each failure I’d start gain on another piece of paper. Maybe the film set contains a pile of 2-3000 sheets of 8.5 x 11 that sits beside me. this has the added effect of foreshadowing or quantitatively measuring the scope of the endeavor. I could also use a single sheet of paper and a pencil and eraser, this would might provide a more interesting aesthetic result. I could simply work on the same sheet attempting then erasing and attempting again. I could also fill a page with attempts then move to a new sheet and fill that with attempts. If I succeed, I could erase all the failed attempts on the specific page. Remove everything that doesn’t work after the fact. This would waste less paper and also be a bit more interesting to watch as the paper fills will circles, and then when the sheet is full of failed attempts I could just grab a new sheet from the pile. Film until I get the perfect circle. I also like the possibility of having thousands of sheets of paper filled with circles, maybe the stack of them becomes a final sculptural piece.

I’d start with a small circle. If I succeeded I could then repeat the process with a larger circle. the smaller circle having been complete. This might change the meaning slightly, as I could actually succeed with a relatively small circle and then the larger circle attempts would clearly take longer to have success and might even be impossible. In this iteration I’m thinking the exercise is about trying to improve on perfection and the absurdity of that idea.

Final thought for now is to start with a circle drawn from a template and then try to copy it.

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