I was going to start taking some crazy injectable drugs they call Biologicals at one point to treat my Arthritis. I’d been pre approved by my health insurance provider and had been in several times for preliminary tests. The University medical centre where I’m treated wanted me to help with some related research on pain before and after the treatment so I went in and had some cool tests done. While I was there I started thinking more about the nature of pain.

It’s all psychological. In a way pain doesn’t even exist, just the mind processing information and warning the body, at the same time it’s very real and can be debilitating.

I thought it would be cool to work with the Dr. Who I met and was heading up the study.

My plan is to to ask chronic pain patients if I could take their picture. Do some simple expository portraits and see of the pain is successfully masked in their sitting or if on the face of each subject you can see the pain their suffering from. It might be a neat adjunct to the actual research itself. I think it’s a compelling subject.

Id prefer to seek out chronic pain sufferers who are happy and well adjusted. I wouldn’t want the show to be negative, just informative. Maybe proceeds could go to to the researcher.

It might also be interesting to take the portraits and then take huge macro photographs of their medication used to treat the pain. These would be blown up very large so the pills are as big as the subjects heads in the portraits. For these I can visualize a gallery full of diptychs. 24 inch square photographic diptychs. Each pairing would depict the suffering and the relief.

I never went on the injectable medication, it was just way to serious a drug for me. I’d rather live with the pain than shut down my whole immune system.

05/25/2012 Wear my blue Benetton golf shirt for an artists proof. It’s the same colour blue as my medication. Do the same for the other drugs. Match the colour of the clothing or an accent to the clothing with the drug colour.

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