24 Hours

24 Hour Conceptualization Marathon

Could I sit and think of worthwhile and compelling new concepts if I did it as a performance piece in and of itself?

Even if I didn’t add to the library it could be a statement on creative blocks.

I’m picturing me sitting at an interrogation desk in what would look like–or actually be–a police station interview room. The performance could be filmed and seen through 2-way mirrors. maybe there’s a camera suspended directly above the table I write on. With this in mind the aesthetic of looking at a bank of 4 video monitors would be cool. Therefore film it from 4 different angles. directly above looking down at the desk, behind my left shoulder and looking down at approximately a 45 degree angle. straight on from directly across from the front of my body showing under the table as well and maybe a close up on he actual book I’m writing in.

Maybe I’m shackled to the chair. Maybe this is an elaborate set that needs to be constructed in a museum that I could actually sit inside and interact with to “perform”. The audience would have access to what I’m doing thought the two-way mirror in the observation room, a a bank of video cameras in that room that would have a joystick attached to change the views slightly or zoom in closer and an intercom button that that could talk to and here me from.

Food and Drink would be brought on occasion. I would also have to be escorted to the washroom every now and then. Maybe I’m handcuffed as I’m led in and out of the room by a uniformed officer.

Upon playback the viewer would have the ability to zoom in on the document I’m writing. All the time this looks like I’m writing a confession, when in truth I’m creating a book of concepts.

As well as being the statement on concepts and thinking, it’s also a direct statement on the way certain societies think about the criminality of the creative mind and have done throughout history. Finally the title is intended as a play on the popular television series “24″

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