This is an older thought, but one that has stayed with me.

Arrange to meet people I know in secluded architecturally interesting locations at times when the possibility of other people being there is minimal. Arrive early and somehow setup the camera so that I’m not readily observable from the meeting place and wait. As my arranged meeting time approaches and passes take pictures. Continue taking pictures until the subject of interest gives up in exasperation and leaves. Maybe text the person along the way and take pictures as they read my texts.

The prime location might involve a clock. If the subject waits by the clock or some other time based measuring device the images will show the passage of time.

Voyeurism, disappointment, frustration, waiting.

June 1st 2012
Talk to, and enlist an ensemble cast of participants to work with me through a series of photography/film/performance pieces. One of these could be Late. Another would involve playing a weird soundtrack and recording their reactions. Still another could involve some sort of mystery created by graffiti or a scrap of paper.

June 2nd 2012
For one event get 4 or 8 maybe 12 people. Explain to 4 groups to meet at a predetermined location, maybe in the area at thenTD bank towers–tell them something is going to happen in the sky to the east, tell another group the west and so on. Photograph or film the ensuing observation and realization that other people are doing the same thing.

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