Landscaping is the tentative title for new work that explores the nature of the city — literally. This series will hopefully end up being a combination of observations about traditional ideas of beauty and nature but within the context of the metropolis that’s filtered through my perception. At it’s simplest Landscaping is meant to be a celebration of the city and it’s idiosyncrasies. Like my previous work it will be populated by cenes and locations that people don’t typically know, or take part in. These are not secrets, but to me their a big part of the the mystery, and a key element to why I love the city.

I could call this series Commute. All of these images are taken from either my bicycle or  TTC trip  to the day job everyday. There are shots along the Bloor West Bike Path, inside the traffic islands that are created by the 4 entry/exit ramps at Eglington and the DVP, along The Lower Don Path, and from the street at Yonge and Bloor.

Landscaping, like previous work is a bunch of observations of the mundane, and pedestrian: elements of our day to day lives in the city that hold little interest to the mass but capture my imagination and optimism. These are small moments but I love them.


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