June 27, 2015

June 27 2015 is the day I decided to figure out Photoshop a bit better. Not to do things with photographs but to create templates or plans for paintings like this one that could be done 48 x 48. It makes sense that these would be 1 of 1s.  I just need to get some wet sandpaper, a tack cloth and some titanium white paint now.2x4 PhotoshopI’m beginning to feel I need some computer skills or perhaps take courses to complete/work out what I want to do. I can struggle away using my present everyday ineffective process to create or I can get more adept at things like indesign and illustrator. Might not be a bad idea for me to go back to school. In the meantime maybe I’ll see if I can pay designer friends to show me things on a project-by-project basis.

The other image  I’m thinking about is a series of single lines that move across the canvas from black to white using differing opacities or percentages of black/white. Again I can plan this in Photoshop but execute in acrylic paint. The idea is to get to a photographic or airbrush type gradient but I would execute it in hard edge painting techniques. This is part of my ongoing interest in repetitive process and mundane almost robotic actions.

It’s June 28 2015 now not June 27 2015.

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