Islands, Holes and Paths

Islands, Holes and Paths is a result of changing my route to work. I now take a path┬áthat takes me intentionally out of my way, but for the majority of the trip, off the city streets. I’ve increased the distance of the one way journey to the office by about 7km. my trip has gone from about a 17km to somewhere around 25km. This takes me on bike path’s for 80% of my journey and I find it a much more civilized start to the day. It’s a bit more of an effort but I’m hoping my body will grow accustom to the extra time and distance.

My first sight of Lake Ontario is at the bottom of Jamison Avenue. A man made harbour –created by a rock breakwall– protects the shore line from the big part of the lake and within it’s protective shadow people are out sculling at this time of the morning. There’s a canoe club not far away. Of course I’m not too interested in the people. I’ve always been interested in the lines that split lake and sky, lake and shore, and the photographic rendering of these lines.

After making my way across the Lakeshore in front of Queen’s Quay I begin the climb North up the Valley beside the river and the Parkway, heading towards Eglington and the Science Centre shadowing the Don River. There are a ton of well-worn pathways carved into the underbrush all over the place that I think have been created by vagrants and kids.I’d like to do a series of photographs called Islands, Holes and Paths. I’ll seek out the elements for it on my daily trips. href=””>

The trip is about 90 minutes of amazing. One spectacular part of the journey is being completely immersed in a world that’s so not-like-the-city in the heart of the city. I bet these open fields and meadows are unknown to about 98% of the population. There’s a lot of traffic heading south down toward the core, but not much going up with me which suits me just fine. I can pass by joggers, walkers, bikers, not to mention streams, rabbits, the Bloor Viaduct, and tons of other stuff. I love this trip. The Tree. Later in the trip when I was only a few km from the science centre I found the tree. This image works for me on a number of levels. Most simplistically it depicts nature in an obviously unnatural setting. I think this is a common theme for me, there’s a bit of humor and a bit of sadness.
The other neat thing about this series of images is the similarity in colors and lighting. Although each is taken in a totally different location they all have the same feel.

Finally this image brings it all home. I’ve passed these buildings when riding on the road for years. seeing them from here is rather disorienting. Again like the awkwardness of the tree by the off ramp, these buildings seem strangely natural and unnatural at the same time.

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