Horizontal is the one picture I like from several outings over my vacation week. Not very productive, but I hope to improve on my record this final vacation weekend. This image was taken on the shore of Lake Huron about a half an hour from Godrich at my wonderful brother and sister’s place. They were nice enough to offer and let Jill, Stella and I use it for part of our vacation. The horizon line between water and sky on Huron is spectacular.

This is a particularly strange picture to me. I’m so accustom to the water being fairly rough and very green here. At this point in the day the sky was so intensely blue that the water lost that greenish tinge for a bit and viola. I’ve never actually seen this colour of blue in a sky before.

This is the same place at night, just after the sun has disappeared on the horizon line one evening last week. I think sunset is around 9:00 at this time of year. Yes, I took a sunset picture. I haven’t really done that for a very long time. This one looks airbrushed. I don’t really like this image, but it does illustrate why Huron is often ranked in the top ten of the world for sunsets. The colour is pretty crazy.

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