Hoarding is about a few things. First off it’s an obsession with plywood. I like working with plywood, I like carrying plywood, I’m geometrically infatuated with structures built of plywood, and I like Paterson Ewen’s work. I also admit to a predilection for construction sites and materials. it must be my misspent youth. There’s a bit about renewal via renovation in my obsession. Finally there’s something about the barrier itself that suggest mystery and the unknowable.

I’m also interested in the shape of road work signs. Today–a day after shooting these images–I’m still thinking about shooting a bunch of other signs like the one in the image from behind and with little interested in the signs actual message. There was a nice side-by-side pairing of square signs on my way to work this morning that I noticed that I’ll try and shoot tomorrow. Something about the combination of hoarding and signs makes me want to paint these images as well. A nice diptych with a photograph and an inspired painting might be interesting. All three of these images were taken on Bloor in the vicinity of Winners.This image on the bottom was a pleasant surprise. I love the hard edge of the planter box and how it looks so unnatural in the bottom corner of the fame. The blast of colour helps too. In the actual image you can read the sad news that unfortunately this Starbucks will not be reopening.

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